Thursday, December 4, 2014


Dear USA President Obama & Nation
(Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish - One Who Helps People Throughout The Land)
Respectfully Copied To The United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-moon 
The Presence Of Public Outcry Regarding Minority Fundamental Human Rights
In The Presence Of Evident Conflicts With The Administration Of Justice During Law & Order Events
A Prayer For Peace Through Incorporation Of Custom Laws
In Conjunction With Original Indigenous Peoples Of Turtle Island North
Equitable Application Of The Administration Of Justice 
The Revisiting Of  The Haudenosaunee Compact  As Called Upon In 1776
Once more - and inevitably - the United States of America is searching for an acceptable domestic resolve to the evident and continued historical imbalance in the application of the administration of justice to your citizens ... How unnecessarily sad !

It is confounding that a nation of integrity - who seeks to provide safe environments, globally, for the evolution of the democratic process - should continue to be embroiled in the social contract contests of providing natural justice to its citizens.

While there is no simple solution to ethnic and cultural conflicts, there does exist within the US nation an historical protocol that has served Peoples for eons - the Ethic of Common Sense.

And, within this observation, we offer a respectful suggestion: That your Nation's Peoples shall convene a national forum to develop the Rules Of Order for the administration of justice within the individual states and within the federal jurisdiction as guided through the Haudenosaunee Peoples Two Row Wampum - which is based over several thousands of years of peacemaking through mutual respect [intriguingly, installing ethics that are similar to the Hohfeldian protocols : there is an equitable balance between the Right & the Duty].

Apparently, there was an application of common sense applied by the founding fathers of the United States and Canada (Turtle Island North) when they invited the Haudenosaunee Peoples to confer with them on the successful aspects of this Iroquois Confederacy's sustaining, governing rationale that had (in 1776 & 1867) prevailed for several thousands of years - and, which now has celebrated in 2013 the longest world trade and commerce compact with the Netherlands (since 1613). And, it is important to witness the success, therein, of the sustained VETO right of the Onondaga Peoples - who have the longest history of peacekeeping in the world (which is exercised by the women in counsel to their men).

Huy'ch'qu' / Thank You / Miiqwich